6 Essential Self-Care Gifts For Your Healing Journey

1. Meditation — make time to be completely present with yourself. The most prominent thoughts and feelings that arise during this time is where your healing is most needed. Start by going in to nature and listening to your internal self-talk — do not put pressure on yourself to have a thoughtless mind for 1 hour.

2. Sleep — the body & mind need rest if they are to function at their fullest capacity. You may be pushing yourself to achieve your goals, but you also need to keep in mind that rest is essential for you to keep performing at optimal capacity.

3. Food — gift yourself the gift of healthy foods. Eating junk food makes us feel like junk — which will make the healing journey significantly more challenging. Show your body some love by filling it with the most premium fuel — fresh fruits & vegetables and plenty of water.

4. Exercise — emotions need to be exercised through the body. Much of our healing will bring up repressed emotions and memories — the emotional impact of this can be reduced immensely if we have a physical outlet for this energy. Emotions are energy in motion — this energy can result in poor mental & physical health if it is kept within the body.

5. Self-talk — reinforce your healing with positive self-talk. Instead of saying “I’m heartbroken” or “I’m suffering” we can say “I’m heart-healing” and “I’m in the process of healing”. Changing the words we use changes the story we tell ourselves which changes the reality we experience.

6. Nature — being in nature helps us tune into our feelings. Let your senses ground you in the present moment — hear, see, touch, taste and smell the environment you’re in. This will allow you to leave behind the echoes of the past and the worries of what the future will bring — essential for the healing journey.

The root of all suffering is a lack of self-love — keep this in mind throughout your healing journey.

Peace & positive vibes.

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