Are You A Beautiful Person?

Today we are encouraged to look in magazines, advertisements and at celebrities for confirmation on what it means to be beautiful. This is so that we compare ourselves to others — which is the greatest way to doubt ourselves.

This creates insecurities which products can be marketed against: make up, supplements, clothing, jewellery, perfumes — the list could go on forever. Insecurities about superficial things such as how we look can be difficult to overcome — the easiest way to do this is to understand what makes us “ugly”.

Do you think your hair, eyes or lips make you beautiful? Or do you think your actions make you a beautiful person? If we saw souls rather than skin — then we would be able to see a person’s true beauty. You express your soul with your actions — hence beauty in is what you do, not what how you look.

If you are constantly trying to tear others down — this means your insecurities about yourself are being projected onto those around you. This is an ugly person’s behaviour. If you are trying to be positive with your words and actions despite having been subject to negativity — this makes you a beautiful person.

I’ve seen people lose themselves to an idea of how they’re supposed to look — they give up on what makes them truly happy in pursuit of what is considered attractive. They do this because of the superficial validation they receive for their looks — which then begins to dictate their behaviour.

When they stop receiving this validation they take more extreme measures — plastic surgery, steroid use, implants — and all because of the way they want to be perceived. Think about how you want to feel about yourself, not the way you want others to feel about you.

Real beauty is shown in our actions, not our looks.

Peace & positive vibes.