Is It Selfish To Love Yourself?

Indeed, to others it can appear this way — but if you don’t love yourself — who will do it for you? You may have an amazing and supportive partner in your corner — but relying on anything external to yourself is dangerous, as it could be removed at any time without notice.

Along my own journey I came to many realisations about the way I behaved towards myself — I was constantly going out of my way to please others, but never did this for myself. Those who were telling me it was selfish to love myself had something to gain from me being selfless.

Ask yourself how much you truly love yourself. Do you love yourself enough to make yourself happy each and every single day? There’s a common misconception that happiness is to be found in the external world — money, relationships, material things or other people.

True happiness begins within yourself. When you focus on the relationship you have with yourself — you will begin to see that only you can create feelings of happiness for yourself. This is where your lasting fulfilment begins — because you aren’t relying on anything but yourself.

Assess how you feel right now and ask yourself if it aligns with how you want to feel every day. If the answer is no — you can start making changes in your life to create happiness, joy & fulfilment for yourself. It all depends on you — what are you prepared to do to make sure you’re in love with the life you live?

Start removing that which doesn’t align with how you want to feel — we should be looking forward to our future, not dreading it. To create your own happiness all you need to do is do what you love and do it unapologetically.

If you always act in the interests of others — who will act in yours?

Peace & positive vibes