Your Relationship Fights Will Never Be The Same After Reading This

If someone treats you poorly — understand why it was necessary for your journey. The insecurities you hold about yourself will be reflected in the relationships you have with others and will continue to hold dominance in your life until you address that which needs healing on the inside.

If you don’t like the thought of your partner going out without you — this is an insecurity you hold about yourself that you are projecting onto them. Address your own ways of thinking — why would it affect you so much if they were to “cheat” on you? Is it the fear of having your pride hurt?

Or are you afraid of being alone? Is this why you settle for relationships with people you know you don’t resonate with? This is because the relationship you have with yourself needs healing — this cannot be done without taking time away from others and spending it with yourself.

Insecurities can dominate our lives in many ways — in relationships they are reflected back to us in the form of our partners because we attract what we are. When you are insecure about yourself you will attract someone of a similar nature and it is then up to you to understand why you are experiencing conflict with them.

It’s easy to point the finger and say “they cheated” or “they’re a narcissist” — but it is much harder to look within and understand what it is about ourselves that attracted them in the first place. Many of you won’t be able to do this and that’s ok — but those who can will be able to attract far more fulfilling relationships in the future.

The next time you find yourself experiencing relationship problems ask yourself — am I acting from a place of insecurity? Understand what the difficulty reflects about who you are, your behaviours and your ways of thinking. This is the only way to stop your insecurities standing in the way of you having a satisfying relationship.

Love yourself enough to acknowledge your insecurities and heal them.

Peace & positive vibes