Get Real About Your Success Before It’s Too Late

Many of us have a goal or dream in mind that we’d love to achieve, but we need to check ourselves every single day and ask ourselves “am I behaving like the person who can achieve such a thing?” in order to make it a reality.

The ego loves to let us bullshit ourselves into thinking that “everything will work out” — but this is a false narrative created to keep us in our comfort zones. We might tell ourselves every day “it’s gonna happen, one day” until one day never comes and we’re staring down the barrel of a million regrets.

The only way to create success is to take action daily. Whether it’s getting healthy, creating a successful business, attracting a fulfilling relationship or climbing a mountain — we need to train ourselves in both body and mind to be able to achieve these goals.

There’s no such thing as overnight success and no such thing as a free lunch in this world — everything has a price and we must be willing to devote our time to achieving our goals otherwise they will remain a distant fantasy. We can either make the dream a reality or we can tell our grandchildren about all the things we wanted to do when we were their age.

Everybody wants to be successful in something, but few are actually willing to do what it takes to get there. This means socialising less, working more, training the body and mind and changing our daily habits to align with that which we are seeking. We attract what we are in this universe, if we want greatness we must first become great.

Pain in this life is unavoidable, so we must choose either the pain of regret or the pain of discipline. One allows for temporary comfort followed soul-crushing agony in our later years and the other demands daily sacrifice which is followed by lasting fulfilment. The choice is yours to make.

The only way to create success is to take action daily.

Peace & positive vibes.