5 Tips To Starting A Meditation Practice

Anyone who’s tried to meditate knows that it is difficult to sit perfectly still with a clear mind and be present. So here are some tips to help you on your way to developing a meditation practice:

1. Take it slow — many of us are jumping into our first meditation with the intention of meditating for 30 minutes or 1 hour. This can cause you to keep checking the time and getting frustrated when you realise it’s only been 32 seconds. Take it slow and start with 1 minute each day, then 5 minutes and build yourself up over time.

2. Exercise — being able to sit still for any amount of time can be difficult, exercising before your meditation can allow you to ease into the practice. Think of the meditation as your mental warm-down after your workout — whether it be after lifting weights or running — the meditation helps to balance the yang energy of your workout with the yin energy of relaxation.

3. What’s the next thought? — it can be extremely difficult to empty the mind and allow yourself to be completely present, especially when your mind becomes overrun with thoughts of things you have to do later in the day. This is where my favourite question for meditation comes in — what’s the next thought? — this forces us to acknowledge that all thoughts pass and after asking this a few times the mind can become clear of thought and you can be present.

4. Senses — another great way to tune into the present moment and reap the benefits of meditation is to use your senses to ground yourself in the now. The senses force us to be aware of what’s going on right now — the sounds, smells, tastes, touches and sights that are happening all around us are reminding us to be in the now.

5. Lessons — integrate what you’ve learned after your meditations. This may be different perspectives you’ve gained from being in the now — realising what’s truly important to you, the value of being present and how to deal with your problems effectively.

Meditation has many benefits for all of us — think of it as your time to receive downloads from the universe. Since meditation teaches us to appreciate the now — why not start your practice today?

Use your meditations as time to be present with yourself.

Peace & positive vibes.