6 Ways Visualisation Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams

To manifest the life you dream of you first need to create a clear mental image of what this life looks like. The process of visualisation is the beginning of the manifestation process — anything your mind can perceive, you can achieve.

1. Details — what does this life look like? What can you see, hear, smell, taste & touch in this ideal future you want to live in? How is it different to where you are now? What does each day look like? Writing down each sensation adds finer details to the overall picture — the physical act of taking something from your mind and bringing into your current reality starts the process of manifestation.

2. Emotions — how does your vision make you feel? Concentrate on how it would feel to live in the future you want to create, what else could give you the same feeling? For example if you feel a great sense of peace during the visualisation you could practice meditation or go into nature — aligning your actions with your vision speeds up the manifestation process.

3. Vision board — what inspires you? Building a vision board of pictures related to the life you want to create will help inspire you in your daily life during the process. If the beach is an integral part of your vision and you see it on your vision board every day it will serve as a reminder of what you’re trying to achieve. This can be particularly useful if your goal will take some time to achieve.

4. Meditation — harness the power of the mind. Sit with your eyes closed and let your mind wander — observe the thoughts that flow through you. Acknowledge any doubts around your ability to create the life you seek & counter each one with a positive affirmation. “I can have whatever I desire”, “I am worthy of the life I seek” & “I am creating the life I dream of” are powerful affirmations to use during meditation.

5. Use your voice — speak your reality into existence. Find a manifestation buddy or someone you trust and speak about your visions, exchange ideas & support each other through the process. This greatly helps with all manifestations because it allows you to bring ideas out of your head and into the now — words are vibrations, you can use them to align yourself with the reality you want to create.

6. Next steps — reverse engineer the goal. Perhaps the most important part of the visualisation process is working backwards from where you want to be to where you are now and understanding what you have to do to bridge the gap. Map out your actions over the course of days, weeks, months & years to help you create the life you dream of — having a map makes it a lot easier to get to your destination.

Anything the mind can perceive — we can achieve.

Peace & positive vibes.