Blood Makes Us Related, Loyalty Makes Us Family.

Along my journey I’ve realised a hard truth — family is not defined by blood, but by loyalty. Unfortunately the term “family” can be exploited and used as an excuse for others treating us poorly. Just because you share a blood relation with someone — it doesn’t mean you are obliged to put up with the way they treat you.

There were many people in my early journey who claimed that they were my family, but they were doing everything in their power to stop me from becoming successful. When I realised what their true intentions were, I understood that true family are those who are loyal to us.

In my case there are very few who have been loyal throughout the course of my journey — these are the people I treasure and bestow the prestigious title of family upon. The ones who don’t talk bad about me behind my back — the ones who support my growth & development.

When we feel we are obliged to keep people in our lives — no matter what they do — this breeds toxic environments filled with silent hatred. I found that this hatred was exaggerated when alcohol was present to the point where it was no longer silent.

I made a conscious decision to remove myself from everyone whose intentions I questioned — for my own peace of mind — and since then I haven’t looked back. Others will point the finger and vocalise their judgements, but I’ve learnt to have my own best interests at heart — because no one else will.

If you are around toxic people who are exploiting the title of family — understand this: there is nothing stopping you from distancing yourself from them. Your heart will still beat long after you’ve blocked and deleted them from your life. Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life, love yourself enough to follow those who provide you value.

Family is not defined by blood — but by loyalty.

Peace & positive vibes.