7 Ways You Can Make Positive Change In The World Today

1. Manners — they cost nothing but can cost us everything. Saying please, thank you & you’re welcome goes a long way to make somebody else’s day that little bit brighter.

2. Kindness — helping others who can’t help us. Offering our aid to those less fortunate than us is a way of repaying the universe for all of the blessings it has bestowed on us & makes a monumental difference to those we help.

3. Authenticity — being true to ourselves. Living our truth regardless of how others feel about it is how we inspire others to be their true selves instead of living in accordance with the expectations of others.

4. Positivity — radiating positive vibes. Being the person who highlights the silver lining behind every grey cloud gives others hope to find the solutions to their problems.

5. Hygiene — keeping ourselves clean. Taking care of our vessels is not only beneficial for our health, but it makes the spaces we cohabit with others more enjoyable.

6. Empathy — understanding the pain of others.Remembering that everyone is going through something we know nothing about helps us not to take things so personally and respond from a place of compassion rather than reacting from a place of ego when confrontation presents itself.

7. Teaching — imparting our wisdom. Learning from our own mistakes and passing on what we’ve learned to others with the intention of preventing them from repeating our mistakes.

It costs nothing to be a good person.

Peace & positive vibes.

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