How To Never Get Rejected

Whether it’s an interview, asking someone out or releasing a project — it’s important to consider the purpose of the interaction. Approaching them with the intention of gaining experience makes the outcome irrelevant — hence there’s no such thing as rejection.

Detachment is not being attached to the outcomes of events & observing the present moment unfold without judgment.

If the response isn’t what we anticipated we must ask ourselves — what now? Are we going to be deterred from reaching the goal because we encountered a setback along the way or are we going to count it as experience & work harder?

Indeed, there are times when we will perceive that we’ve been rejected when in reality, we have been deflected onto a path that better serves us.

When we become attached to the outcome of an interaction we are placing unnecessary pressure on ourselves to create it. This pressure builds resistance within the emotional body — by practicing detachment we learn to accept any outcome and release the resistance we’re carrying.

Regardless if we get the job, date or success — we must remind ourselves of why we put ourselves out there in the first place. When our why is strong enough — the how becomes irrelevant. We keep going until we reach the end goal. The road in between will be bumpy but a strong why is what keeps us moving forward.

Regardless of the outcome — remember why you started & keep going.

Peace & positive vibes.

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