How To Deal With Anger

In dealing with anger we must first address where anger comes from — it is a manifestation of a deeply rooted sadness. When this sadness is left unchecked or unaddressed the emotion must find another way to be expressed — anger is a symptom of this sadness being repressed.

Understand why your sadness is being caused to surface as anger — through this you will gain an understanding of where the sadness is coming from. For example if you were bullied and didn’t tell anyone you may feel anger toward those who bully others or to those who don’t speak on injustices in the world.

Everything that happens on the outside is reflecting something that is happening on the inside — you are experiencing anger because there is conflict inside and outside of you. Becoming conscious of this is a great way to begin your healing journey.

The next step is to understand why the sadness was left unchecked or unresolved — were you told to ignore it? Were you ignored when you tried to bring it up to others? Did you feel as though it was silly to dwell on it? Whatever the reason — acknowledge that your sadness must be expressed to release the resistance within you that has created the anger.

Speak to someone you trust about what you’re experiencing, if you don’t have anyone in your life to speak with — you can seek out a professional. You are not weak for sharing your emotions — it takes a great deal of courage to even admit that there is something we’d like to address.

Lastly I’d like to encourage you to keep a journal of when, where and how you’ve been expressing this anger and what sparked it. Over time you will be able to notice patterns in your behaviour — which will help you to create lasting change in your life.

Your anger towards others is a sign that something within you needs healing.

Peace & positive vibes.