5 Things To Remember About Being Single

1. You’re not alone — you’re in a relationship with yourself. The relationship we have with ourselves is the relationship we will have with others. When we use this time to do what makes us happy we change our vibration and align it with what we love — which attracts the people, places and things we resonate with. Being “single” is a beautiful thing because it allows us to focus on creating happiness for ourselves rather than relying on anyone else to do so for us.

2. Take time to be with yourself — listen to your self-talk & emotions. The reality we experience is based on the dominant thoughts in our minds — if we’re constantly surrounded by others it’s a lot harder to observe & assess our thoughts and adjust if necessary. Making time to be present with ourselves, such as in meditations, allows us the reflection time necessary to observe where we’re heading based on where we’ve been.

3. Adjust your vibration — who & what are you attracting? Time outside of relationships can allow us to reflect on what we’ve experienced in the past and what we’d like to have in the future. Instead of blaming others we can adjust our own vibrations to attract better in the future — this can only be done once we’ve taken responsibility for what we’ve attracted in the past.

4. What kind of relationship are you looking for?— become that which you seek. This is a great time in our lives to assess what kind of relationship we’re looking for and how we can nurture the one we have with ourselves to attract it into our lives. If we are looking for someone who shares our interests, it’s important to spend time doing what we enjoy to attract those of a similar vibrational nature.

5. Time to cleanse — self-love heals wounds of the past. When we come out of relationships it’s important to take time to cleanse ourselves before we move into another one. This is why being single can be a beautiful time in our lives where we learn to be at peace with ourselves — rather than constantly feeling like we need to be in a relationship to feel loved.

Being “single” is not something to be ashamed of, it’s a necessary time in our lives to reflect on what we’ve experienced and decide what we want in the future. Constantly moving from one relationship to the next is the way we neglect the relationship we have with ourselves which can only lead to resentment.

Nurture the relationship you have with yourself.

Peace & positive vibes.