Embrace Your Weirdness — It Will Save Your Life

When people call others “weird” or “strange” they are highlighting that person’s superpower — their uniqueness. The society we live in encourages us to be the same as everyone else — this encourages us to adopt a persona that is not ours and this is the reason why many of us are involved in dysfunctional relationships.

Your weirdness is your power, it is what makes you the person you are when the cameras are off and the doors are closed — the real you. Being in tune with who you truly are eases the conflict in the mind & allows us to experience true inner peace. This can only be achieved when what you say, think & do are all in harmony.

When you enter this state of complete acceptance of yourself your vibration will change and you will attract others who have accepted themselves. The relationships you have with these people feels effortless because you are not pretending to like each other to maintain a false identity or appearance.

The process of accepting yourself starts with you understanding that nothing externally can give you an identity — not your job, house, car, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, lawnmower — nothing. Your identity comes from within — it’s what you enjoy, the way you see the world and the relationship you have with yourself.

Nurture the relationship you have with yourself by spending time doing what you love and embrace the parts of your identity that make you “weird”. You may enjoy making clothes for hamsters — this could be the reason why others call you weird. If you suppress this passion in favour of the acceptance of others -you will never know inner peace because what you resist will persist.

That feeling you have inside — like there’s something missing — will never be resolved by anything in the external world. This is because everything you need is within you — all you need to do is turn your gaze inward. Do this by paying close attention to your feelings and spending time with yourself in meditation.

We’re all weird — some of us are just good at hiding it.

Peace & positive vibes.