How To Heal Your Shame

You didn’t begin life with this burden of shame — it came from an external judgement of your actions. When we are children we are only concerned with being — until we are conditioned by society through schooling & parenting to make sure we fit into the system.

This is done by authority figures imposing their judgements on our actions such as when our parents tell us “you shouldn’t do that”. Recognise that this is a vital part of understanding where your shame is coming from — which is an important step in the healing process.

Healing your shame is all about loving yourself — when you love yourself for who you are the shame you feel subsides. When what you say, think and do are in harmony — then you will know peace. This can only be achieved when you are 100% authentic and honest with yourself and who you are.

Being honest about who you are doesn’t mean you have to justify yourself to anyone else — it’s all about living a way of life that serves and fulfils you. Make sure you are the number 1 priority in your life, nothing and no one else can be above you when you are on the healing journey.

See that the world is full of unique individuals — many of these individuals have chosen to abandon that which makes them different so that they can “fit in” with society and feel accepted. Part of this process means that they will herd together and project their insecurities and judgements at those who still choose to express who they truly are.

You are not “weird”, “evil” or “subhuman” because of your lifestyle choices — you are a unique human being that has chosen not to blend in with the rest of society in favour of being accepted. This takes much courage — recognise that you are a powerful being because you are not choosing society’s acceptance over your own individuality.

Shame cannot thrive where there is self-love.

Peace & positive vibes.