What No One Tells You About Being Conscious

There are levels to the awakenings we experience, each level is not linear like floors in a building — rather they are infinitely deep & expansive. Each level of the illusion we transcend presents more opportunities for self-discovery. The biggest mistake we can make in this life is thinking we’ve transcended all layers of the illusion.

This happens when the ego has been seduced by the notion that we are too knowledgable or “woke” to be fooled by an illusion because we have already seen through other layers. Often times this can cause us to be resistant to interactions with some people because we believe we are “more woke” than them — the introduction of this separation gratifies the ego & justifies our ignorance.

We are all one — when we encounter others that have yet to perceive certain layers of the illusion it is not our place to judge them. We must acknowledge that they reflect something about ourselves that we have either not yet seen or forgotten. There is something to learn from every single interaction with have with another person, because there is no other — we are interacting with ourselves through the illusion of their body.

Being “spiritual”, “conscious” or “woke” means that we are gaining knowledge that will help us to live a life that serves and fulfils us. Knowledge is power & with great power comes great responsibility — it is our responsibility to wield this power for our benefit, but also for the benefit of others. This doesn’t mean we have to preach our knowledge to others — on the contrary it means we must allow others to live their lives without imposing our knowledge onto them.

Everyone awakens in their own time and it’s important for us to keep in mind that everyone is on their own journey — the knowledge we carry cannot liberate anyone from their suffering unless they are willing to accept it. It’s like throwing a book at someone’s head & expecting them to read it instead of being annoyed you threw it at them.

Using the knowledge we acquire on the journey of self-discovery we can live a way of life that serves as an example to others — walking the path instead of talking about it. This inspires those who are looking for change to approach us, which is our invitation to share our knowledge — this is how we help the planetary oneness through its ascension.

Become the light instead of talking about it.

Peace & positive vibes.