What Is The Mind?

The mind is a tool, except many of us don’t realise that we must put it down once we’ve finished using it. Much like a hammer — the mind can be used for construction and destruction — the outcome depends on the user.

Learning to see the mind in this way has helped me to overcome many of the issues I was creating for myself by not using the mind in a way that benefits me. Constantly holding a hammer will encourage you to use it in all scenarios — if you use it to turn on a light switch you will probably break it.

The mind holds great power and with great power comes great responsibility — using your mind in a way that serves you is your responsibility. You can learn how to do this by quieting the mind at least once a day — during meditation.

Meditation allows us reprieve from the thoughts and feelings the mind creates — this resting state invites a quiet mind. The resting state does not need to use the mind and this is how meditation allows us to set the tool down to rest. During this time we distance ourself from the mind and we tune into our senses.

See that the thoughts and mental imagery you are experiencing are all a direct result of how you interact with your mind. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of setting down the mind after using it for your intended purpose — see that this practice can alleviate much of the stress you experience.

If you leave a power drill plugged in and switched on — the likelihood for destruction is extremely high. Treat your mind as thought it holds the same power and consider how long you leave it on for.

Use your mind when you need to, learn to set it down.

Peace & positive vibes.