5 Things You Need To Know About Creativity

1. Grounding — when we create we are grounded in the present moment. When our attention is in the now we are fully experiencing the moment — rather than being distracted by thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow. Creativity destroys overthinking because it brings your focus into the present moment.

2. Mental Health — creativity is a way for us to express our emotions. When we suppress our emotions they find other ways to be expressed — perhaps in poor mental and physical health. Creativity allows us to provide an outlet for these emotions to stop them from manifesting in other ways.

3. Fun — what’s the point of being alive if you’re not having fun? Creativity is a way for us to tune into who we truly are and who we came here to be — divine beings that cannot be defined by labels or bound by any worldly constraints. We’re all going to die one day — the only thing that matters is who had the most fun while they were here.

4. Escapism — we all need some down-time. Creativity is a healthy form of escapism because it doesn’t require us altering our state of consciousness to find relief from whatever the stresses of the day are. Use your creativity to “zen out” and when you come back you’ll be able to see your life from a different perspective.

5. Understanding — creativity reveals how we see our world. When children play they are consolidating what they know and expressing how they feel about it. It is important for us to continue to do this as we age to understand ourselves and the world we live in better. Look at what you’ve created and ask yourself “what does this say about me?”

Creativity allows us to look at the world from different perspectives and question what we think to be true. This act of questioning is essential if we want to remove all limitations from our lives and have a fulfilling human experience.

We are Gods, for to be God is to create.

Peace & positive vibes.