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Spores Network AirDrop Event!

Community Space

We are happy to announce that we are commencing Spores Network AirDrop Event today! To celebrate our upcoming launch on ChainBoost pre-IDO & IDO on CardStarter. We believe that our community is the most important thing and cultivating a strong bond with our community is very important to us at Spores Network.

To take part in our Spores Network AirDrop Event please check the details that we have listed. Wishing you all the very best of luck!

📆 Airdrop Event Timeline:

13th July till 27th July

🪂 Airdrop Event Winners & Prizes:

🔸 1M $SPO pool prize

🔸 5k $SPO to top 100 referral

🔸 500 $SPO to random 1000 participants

🔸 Per token price of 0.005usd

🍭 Tasks to perform:

1. Join Spores Telegram

2. Follow Spores on Twitter

3. Retweet Twitter pinned post and tag 1 friend

4. Follow Spores on Medium

🍬 Optional Tasks (it’s where you can get extra brownie points!)

1. Post a meme related to Spores on Twitter tagging our official account and have #SporesNetwork $SPO in caption

2. Share the meme on our Telegram chat and other communities

3. Make a separate tweet tagging our official account and having $SPO #SporesNetwork in caption explaining why you are excited for our project

🤖 Task Submission

To submit your performed tasks please use the Airdrop Bot on TG — so that we can gather them and notify the winners!

Good luck to everyone!

~ Spores Network Team

About Spores Network
Spores Network founders believe that crypto will lead to decentralization of ownership and frictionless redistribution of capital. Their mission is to create an NFT ecosystem that is creator-centric, community-driven, frictionless, and borderless. Spores Network chooses to be a cross-chain DeFi-powered NFT marketplace defining decentralized pop culture. Spores co-founders include Duc Luu (Nasdaq IPOed serial entrepreneur ), Eric Hung Nguyen (former senior investment analyst at a top-10-worldwide hedge fund and blockchain angel investor), Paven Do (former blockchain & cryptonomics researcher at HK Applied Science & Tech. Research Institute), and a diverse team of advisors across blockchain and entertainment.

Join our collective. Tell your story. Share our vision, at Spores Official!

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