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Winner Announcement: Spores Network AirDrop Event!

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Winner Announcement: Spores Network AirDrop Event!

Spores Team is excited to announce the winners of our first $SPO airdrop which ran from July 13th–27th to celebrate the Pre-IDO on ChainBoost & IDO on CardStarter. In such a short period, we have witnessed such an overwhelming response and support from nearly 34,000 users.

As informed, the top 100 selected referrals will get $SPO 5,000 each. Besides, 1,000 community members have also been randomly chosen for the prize of $SPO 500 each. Tokens will be distributed to all winners within around 30 days after this announcement.

Here is the list of selected Airdrop Winners.

Those who have made it to the list, congratulations.

For those who missed the chance on our first airdrop, stay tuned for more chances to win Spores tokens and NFTs by following our official social media platforms with the information below.

About Spores
Spores Network founders believe that crypto will lead to decentralization of ownership and frictionless redistribution of capital. Their mission is to create an NFT ecosystem that is creator-centric, community-driven, frictionless, and borderless. To that end, Spores has built a cross-chain DeFi-powered NFT marketplace defining decentralized pop culture, sharing NFT content across gaming, esports, animation/anime, digital fine arts, music, and film/TV. Spores co-founders include Duc Luu (Nasdaq IPOed serial entrepreneur ), Eric Hung Nguyen (former senior investment analyst at a top-10-worldwide hedge fund), and a diverse team of advisors across blockchain and entertainment.

Join our collective. Tell your story. Share our vision, at Spores Official!

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The Spores Network ecosystem is creating a revolutionary shift, introducing a truly cross-chain and feature-rich NFT ecosystem along with a customer-centric easy-to-use NFT platform.

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