3 things to be excited about Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl 50 quickly approaching at the end of this week, it is one of the yearly milestones of sport in digital and social media where records are broken and new trends are born.

These are the 3 things I find particularly exciting and on which I will concentrate my attention beyond the fact that Panthers and Broncos will compete to take home the trophy and beyond the Super Bowl Ads frenzy which I have decided to systematically avoid.

In no specific order they are: the stadium, live streaming, Facebook’s social stadium.

1. The Levi’s stadium

The San Francisco 49ers home turf — the Levi’s stadium — will host the Super Bowl 50 in a way that has never done before in terms of customer experience. The team and VenueNext built the “dream connected stadium” that everybody in our business have been talking about for years now.

The Super Bowl version will have limited features compare to the regular season’s one but still…

Will fans really appreciate it? Will this change the in-stadia experience for good?

2. Live Streaming

CBS has announced a full multi-platform offering for the occasion including OTT platforms like Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast and for the first time will also stream Ads.

Will they break NBC’s last year streaming record?

The game will be streamed to a global audience and will be available in 180 + countries and 25 + languages.

I will watch on the new CBS app on Apple TV, which for now as if they did not invest a lot of time and effort in.

Maybe we have a new acronym for CBS: Currently Being Streamed!

3. Facebook’s Sports Stadium

Recently launched Facebook’s Sports Stadium will make its first appearance in the social ecosystem this Sunday just in time for the Super Bowl.

I already speculated (BLOG: https://medium.com/sport-the-digital-r-evolution/facebook-sports-stadium-threat-or-treat-f95bcc9f3a48#.hxczdq1x9) on how this can become a new way for fans to follow sport events in addition to traditional TV viewing for such big events.

Let’s see how Facebook will execute this and how fans will interact in this new social space.

These are my 3, what are yours?

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