30 years working at deltatre since May 2 1988

It was May 2 when I entered for the first time deltatre’s office in Torino — it was a flat, to be honest with less than five people in it — and so much has happened since then to me, to deltatre and the sports media business at large.

I have witnessed the company’s growth and the evolution of our business through the years, from pioneer to market leader. It gives me an embarrassing one-line CV, but that line is very very very thick and dense.

What we do. I have never been doing the same thing, in a state of constant evolution, though I have the feeling I have always done the same thing: creatively tried to innovate and change with the players, the fans and our clients in mind; it just meant something different every year.

High Profile. Working with the biggest names in sport both on the rights-holders side with federations and leagues side and the media partner side with broadcasters and an evolving set of media companies has given me the opportunity to “play” with the most relevant content in sport, it’s a luxury.

You never get bored. In the same week, you could work with NFL, the Olympics, UEFA, FIFA, and Golf; Yep! It’s a long week.

Bringing the passion. The excitement of being able — when you do well — to communicate the new things, the ideas and the ambitions for your clients and their fans and share the passion you put when you created them is a unique force that regenerates the energy you need in this job. 
More than that, seeing your idea take shape live during the sport event is magical.

Change is not easy. To make it happen, you need three things: The idea, the team and the client who wants to risk with you. While there is a right focus on the first element: building a trusting relationship with clients who embrace your idea, challenge the current status and are open to bringing it to their fans it’s critical. Then you need the team to make it happen on both sides, and this is where success will be defined.

When nobody likes you. Very often what you are proposing something that changes the current way of thinking and operating. Very often you are in a different world and cannot bring the others with you. Very often you have the wrong idea.

Resistance. I have heard the question “Why do we need to…” so many times, and through the years it changed from “… a website”, to “… live results on the website”, “… to go on YouTube”, “.. a Facebook page,” “.. a mobile app,” “.. virtual graphics,” “… an OTT direct to consumer solution”, “… a VR app”.

Still a lot to do. The more I look into our business, the more I can see how much we still have to do to progress, there are still so many things to innovate. A big part of the sports sector has yet to digest the paradigm shift that we have gone through, some areas are still operated like nothing, or little has happened.

I still stand true to my own triple mantra:
Unlock the potential.
Push the limits.
Inspire and be inspired.