Biggest VR for UCL Final, Digital Native productions, @CDM Digital Sport — Issue #21

Real Madrid wins UEFA Champions League and CR7 breaks all records. Amazing basketball at the NBA Finals, with LeBron vs. Steve Curry delights.

Amazing final in Cardiff with deltatre in full force to enable UEFA and its broadcasters to produce the most advanced coverage for a football match ever. On top of a wealth of broadcast and digital services, it was the biggest VR production so far in any sporting event!

A series of digital-only (I would prefer to call them digital-native) are starting to pop-up in a much-anticipated disruption of the traditional broadcast production. Realizing that, if your distribution channels are now much more diversified, at some point also the production aspects need to be rethought and even content that would not work on TV may well work very well on digital.

Why Netflix doesn’t do sports. 
A great interview with Reed Hastings that very clearly explains why he does not see sports in Netflix future. I disagree that digital can not add anything to sports — that’s at the very foundation of what we do in OTT — but his view is very focused and.. the guy knows what he is talking about.

FIFA signs a big sponsorship contract with Chinese smartphone manufacturers Vivo.

Like every year the massive Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report is a must read for anybody in the digital business with some great insight on two markets we may not want to skip in the near future, India and China.

An isolated article on betting, which is a space I normally don’t cover, that presents staggering results.

The biggest news this week: FIFA signs another Chinese sponsor

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Stephen Curry Shows Off His Shakes — 
 Stephen Curry shows off his amazing ability to handle the basketball, as he goes one on one with LeBron James on the way to the hoop

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Internet Trends 2017 Report

A must every year.
Kleiner Perkins general partner Mary Meeker launched the 22nd edition of the Internet Trends Report at the Code Conference

OTT and Live Streaming

Full interview: Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix 
 Ten years ago, Netflix’s Reed Hastings didn’t have a streaming business; now he has more than 93 million subscribers in 190 countries. With his Netflix Origi…

Steve Ballmer Provides Glimpse Of Los Angeles Clippers’ New Personalized Viewing Experience 
 The Los Angeles Clippers and Second Spectrum have partnered to bring a fan engagement tool that helps those watching at home to have the option to see the

ESPN to produce digital-only ‘SportsCenter’ shows during the NBA Finals 
 ESPN will air a digital-only “SportsCenter” after every game of the NBA Finals — the first time it’s ever done a digital version of its flagship show.

ESPN Tips Off Massive Production Plans for Cavs-Warriors Threematch 
 The teams may be the same, but ESPN’s NBA Finals technology deployment is bigger than ever. ESPN and ABC’s third consecutive year covering the …


2017 UEFA Champions League Final on Facebook and Instagram 
 Discover how millions of football fans engaged with the 2017 UEFA Champions League final on Facebook and Instagram.

How social live video has transformed the Champions League final into a field day for brands 
 The 2017 Uefa Champions League final is set to be a massive social media experience. New and quickly evolving live video formats add layers of fan interaction and instant communication that just weren’t possible in the past.

With Twitter, the NFL’s Second Screen Strategy Evolves 
 Now, for the second time this offseason, the second screen takes center stage as the NFL continues to evolve its digital strategy, thanks to a recently announced deal with Twitter.

Why Snapchat and BT Sport have just inked a landmark deal for Uefa Champions League 
 Snapchat has forged its first partnership with a European broadcaster around football, pairing with BT Sport to create exclusive content during the Champions League final.

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat Continue to Make Moves into TV-Like Content 
 With all the social networks trying to make TV shows, it’s important to keep tabs on the digital TV shift.


BT Sport reveals plans for live VR football 
 On the eve of delivering one of the world’s largest live multi-cam VR/360 productions, BT Sport has revealed plans to add live 360 coverage of English Premier League (EPL) and Uefa Champions League (CL) matches from next season.

Roland-Garros and France Télévisions present new VR experience

Roland-Garros and FranceTvSport have released a new virtual reality application, Roland-Garros VR, that is designed to offer users a truly immersive experience. The app, developed by LiveLike and produced by LiveLike and Deltatre, was released on 26 May.

Learnings from PGA TOUR VR Live at THE PLAYERS Championship 
 During the 2017 PLAYERS Championship, the PGA TOUR executed its first-ever, live, Virtual Reality and “360 video” coverage of №17 across all four days of competition. The decision to pursue Live VR…

Sport Marketing, Sponsorship and Rights

The Callum Murray Interview — Sir Martin Sorrell 
 The last time I saw Sir Martin Sorrell he was dishing out a warning about what he called a “tsunami of daily non-stop scandals” to international federations and sports leaders, as the keynote speaker at last year’s SportAccord convention in Lausanne.

NBA Deal With Panini Gives NBPA First Major Agreement Since Taking Rights In-House

The NBA has signed a deal with Panini that gives the NBPA its the first major agreement since taking player marketing rights in-house from the NBA under the new CBA.

How The NBA Welcomes Doing Business With Tech Companies Big And Small 
 NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke Thursday before Game 1 of the NBA Finals from Oracle Arena, which is home to one of the most tech-minded teams in the Go

Manchester United snub FA over player data 
 Manchester United are among a minority of Premier League clubs withholding sports science data on their England players from manager Gareth Southgate and his coaching staff.

Viewership for 2016–17 Premier League season lowest since moving to NBC 
 The English Premier League season has ended with another Chelsea championship, but it also led to the lowest viewership on the networks of NBC since the EPL moved over to the Peacock in 2013.


Football betting worth £1.4BILLION to gambling industry in one year, new figures reveal 
 Stats have revealed that bookmakers have made a profit of over £330million between October 2015 and September 2016

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