cdmProvokes: B2C Marketing + User Experience + Content = who will win


B2C Marketing

This model leads to an accelerating focus on B2C Marketing — as a way to acquire, convert and retain users — which is the foundation of any pay-based model as well as deep understanding of new advertising models through programmatic and new fan engagement models for sponsorships.
Building a reliable SCV (Single Customer View) is often seen as the top value you can extract and on which you can base a lot of your business in this area.

User Experience

The User Experience part is defining how content reaches users, and users consume content, but also how users data are collected and used to make this possible and more relevant than ever.
A consolidated model for how entertainment OTT are operating regarding user experience is taking shape.
If you compare Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video, you can recognize some recurring patterns.
I believe a true sports OTT experience need some work and a different discovery mechanism than entertainment and we are working actively on that.
The more general Web & Apps scenario is much more fragmented even if starting with the “mobile-first” paradigm a lot has been done to consolidate UX and UI models also in these cases.
OTT UX models seem more mature; which is due to the more limited scope and content formats available.


Content is king. Possibly the most used sentence in our industry in the latest period. Context is God added Gary Vaynerchuk.
Everything starts from content, and if in sports we always assume “content = rights,” there are a lot of new media entity trying to work around that dogma.
Another way to look at this is through the growing relevance of content formats.
We are all assuming video as the basis here, but increasingly popular content format like stories are partially redefining the landscape here.

What about technology?

Technology is clearly the key enabler of all that is happening. Moving from a consolidated TV model from a more evolving and experimental digital model would not have been possible without the fundamental contribution of new technologies.
Not all is yet completely solved, but I would say the fact that OTT can go at scale seems a reasonable safe assertion.
The more complicated part of technology will be around MarkTech and AdTech connected to measuring user behaviors.
We will hear more and more about DMPs, DSPs, Marketing databases, etc.

So What?

All the above sounds great, but often each area is seen in isolation, the Marketing guys don’t care that much about the User Experience or Content and vice-versa.
I think that’s a paramount mistake.



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carlo de marchis

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