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Jun 14, 2018 · 2 min read

As we, as Italians, do not have much to watch for this next month in Russia I spent some time in repurposing work I did for the NFL in a simpler FIFA World Cup scenario, with the aim of having one page simple way to follow the games and the group standings visually, not with tables.

Photo @cdm at Home of FIFA in Zurich 2013

The result is here, at the link below, and you are welcome to check it out as the matches happen from today to the end of group stage on June 28, it will autoupdate at the end of all matches.

Click here to check it out on google sheets, will make more sense when few matches are played.

How does it work?

This is a simple google spreadsheet with both the upcoming matches which will disappear from the top list as the are played and fall into the team thermometer as a TETRIS block, above if a win or tie and below the team name if a lost game.

The objective is to have a visual impression at first sight of how the different groups are doing and have an immediate and simple access to next games.

Upcoming matches

Match 1 being RUS-KSA for example then RUS-EGY then RUS-URU


The logic is out all positive matches (win and tie) in the part above the team name and all lost game below.

The following logic applies:

  • Game won 3 blocks above = 3 points
  • Game tied 1 block above = 1 point
  • Game lost 3 blocks below = 0 points

Example if POR wins 1 tie 1 and lose 1 = 4 points

Let’s see it in action!

Have fun with the FIFA World Cup and send comments!

Sport: The Digital (r)evolution

There is no way back: fans need sport, sport needs reach, reach needs digital

carlo de marchis

Written by

@CDM / Chief Product & Marketing Officer @deltatre

Sport: The Digital (r)evolution

There is no way back: fans need sport, sport needs reach, reach needs digital

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