How PL Clubs Announced Fixtures on Instagram, Websites. Wins & Fails

#TLDR; Super creative on Instagram, average on facebook, boring on websites.

As 2017/2018 Fixtures were announced this wednesday by the Premier League i have followed how clubs have used their digital properties — 1st-party and social — to announce their own.

Some similarities, some creative ideas, some wins, some fails.


#TLDR; Great use of stories! Fun, immediate, focused!

The first ways I got the fixtures vibe yesterday was from Instagram Stories and I started there to collect what else was happening.


Nice visuals, focused on opponents with home and away dates and photo


More traditional list of fixtures treatment

Man Utd

Creative imagery with focus on main events, derby days and Festive schedule, really well thought-through.

Premier League

Standard treatment and some nice imagery with key matches, the irght mix for the league


#TLDR; Either classical fixtures image or some nice animated video with key match dates!

Websites and Apps

#TLDR; Disappointing! Mostly traditional news, no special treatment. Boring.

Not so good here… Articles, articles, articles.

How come the less creative and engaging experiences are created on 1st-party platforms, which in theory are the one where you should have full control of the experience?

We are doing, collectively, something wrong here. We need to rethink 1st-party platforms 9webs and apps) to be closer to the content they need top serve to fans and less rigid, less normal, less 2012 (possibly not 2008 at all).


Fixtures are integral part of the core content for Premier League clubs and should be designed from day one as a great activation moment.


While on those platforms that have very limited flexibility - on social you can post photo, animated gifs, videos and stories, nothing built for sport - the result is creative, innovative and engaging, it is not at all the case on those platforms you fully control and operate.

And the winner is: Instagram Stories!

I found most clubs’ stories on Instagram to be the best example of storytelling for this type of content.

I am surprised nobody split the fixtures list in Home and Away, if you are a club member or season ticket holders you may first want to check which date you want to avoid planning other special events (wedding?) and which are immediately creating a family conflict (your mum’s birthday). On a second moment you may then want to check when to visit some other grate stadia and clubs.

I may have missed some great ones — please share if any!