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Jan 7 · 3 min read

Compare 2017 vs 2018

Some more simple stats to compare 2017 to 2018.


Let’s compare each division with the 2017 season standings

The two divisions that stand out as very different are AFC South and NFC North.


Which team did better or worse in 2018 as compared to 2017, in purely mathematical terms?


The Browns lead the pack in terms of % improvement (quite possible with their 2017) Baker Mayfield got some revenge after the initial comments when he was drafted as no. 1.
Houston, Bears, and Colts improved dramatically followed by Chargers, Rams, Saints and Chiefs who are all in the Playoffs now.

The bad news team sees the Cardinals and the Jaguars at the bottom of the list but also Vikings, Eagles, Panthers, and Steelers.

Points scored and conceded

Here the interesting thing to notice is that only the Texans (on the most improved teams' side of the chart) have been improving the defense effectiveness like almost everybody else has improved the attack scoring numbers.

Caveat: The blue line is “improvement in points scored” if positive, the red line is also designed in positive, so fewer points conceded if above zero.

Compare each team (Divisional Playoffs teams only)

Let’see how the two seasons compare game by game.
Left is 2018, right is 2018.

Check my other article on NFL data visualization

Sport: The Digital (r)evolution

There is no way back: fans need sport, sport needs reach, reach needs digital

carlo de marchis

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@CDM / Chief Product & Marketing Officer @deltatre

Sport: The Digital (r)evolution

There is no way back: fans need sport, sport needs reach, reach needs digital

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