NFL Gamepass — Watch Live With RedZone

Starting from Week 1 of regular Season 2018 on September 9th, NFL Gamepass Europe is introducing a new feature to allow users enjoy their live game while keeping an eye on all other games with a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) video window of the live RedZone feed.

Users can swap between the two feeds, and make RedZone prominent while keeping the live game in the PiP window when they wish, just by clicking on it.

Hovering with the cursor on the Pip window will enlarge it enough to be able to follow the action before swapping.

While multi-window viewing is a common advanced feature we thought of packaging it in a way to make it more adoptable by a broader audience, by making it one of the way to watch a game by default.

We intentionally decided to keep it very simple only one action is available to enlarge and swap the two windows. we are avoiding more advanced and complicated controls.

The use case we expect to have more traction is users wanting to replace the less interesting moment of their game with some exciting RedZone action, at times replacing game pauses or local US commercials.

As users will always have a small live game window available, easy to go back to it as the live-action restarts.

Users can still manually select other games and watch side-by-side as they wish.

This is available when both the Live RedZone feed and the live game are active.

Users will now have 3 options when watching a live game:

  1. Join the live action in real-time
  2. Watch Live with RedZone
  3. Watch from Start

This feature will initially be available on the web version only and will be expanded to other big screen platforms as possible following users feedback.