Serie A — experimenting with team’s season visualization

Playing around with Serie A standings and match scores from this season I have experimented a bit with visualizations with the intent of giving a visual impact to how each team have performed.

The first results (conceptual not visually refined, implemented with google sheets) are below.

Each line represents a match, if it goes on the left of the Y-axis it means it was a lost match, on the right it’s a won match, no line is a draw.
The extent of the line is the number of goals of difference.

Juventus (75 pts)

Napoli (73 pts)

Roma (59)

Does this give a sense of how the season went so far in a more visual manner?

All data are as of March 19 and taken manually, so please forgive any mistake and please let me know of any you may find.

Any feedback is welcome.

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