Statsonomics @ FIFA World Cup

Having arrived at the end of the group stage with some shocking (Germany) exits and some that were avoided just in time (Argentina, Portugal) its’ good to look at some stats behind the common ones.

FIFA Ranking. Who did qualify?

Lets’ start with the FIFA Ranking, using the values of the last release pre-World Cup of June 7th.

You would expect the teams with the highest rank to all qualify in each group if things go the normal way. Let’s have a look at how it went group by group.

In ranking order you can notice how in Group A EGY was supposed to do better, Group B OK, Group C PER could have done better, Group D OK, Group E OK, Group F Germany!, Group G OK, Group H POL was bad and JPN was a surprise.

In ranking order here are the green who qualified and the red who did not qualify, RUS is the real surprise but being the host country they did not need to qualify for playing the group stage.

FIFA Ranking. Where the group fair at start?

All groups started with a quite balanced total FIFA Ranking sum but Group A where RUS has been placed. To be noted is the fact that these are the ranking points before the start not the ones when the groups were formed, and also that RUS did not need to qualify and they started with a very low rank points. But still, that group looks weak compared to others.

Players. How many play in their own country?

Let’s look at how many players for each team at the World Cup play in their own country league, considering all 23 players for each team.

Quite noticeable that England has all 23 players playing in the Premier League, it’s only one. Why? Nobody wants english players? They don not like to travel? Nobody pays them more than the EPL?

On the other end Senegal and Swedish players all are playing somewhere else, and Argentinian are almost all abroad (this we know.

To me this is a clear function that consider how good are the players vs how rich is the league.

Where do the play (Country)?

Let’s look at which country league have the most players at the World Cup, considering all 23 players for each team.

Look at the first 5! The top 5 EU leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1.

To me this is a direct function of how much money the league has, full stop.

Where do they play (Club)?

Let’s look at which club have the most players at the World Cup, considering all 23 players for each team.

Quite as expected with big club english and spanish clubs being in the lead, PSG spending a lot and Juventus quite good to.

Let’s see what happens now considering the round of 16 teams only.

Man City still has a lot of them while Bayern Munchen disappeared for obvious reasons, they only have 3 players remaining.

Players in the last 16 for the top 5 European leagues

Let’s look at which team they play for league by league

Visual Standings at the end of group stage

This is how it looks today.

Original article on my approach to visual Standings

Let’s have fun now with the next 2 weeks of drama and more statsonomics coming.



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