Stop this now! Social content fail for sport media

Translated to english: “We know it’s not true, but the coincidences are starting to build… When Aaron Ramsey scores, someone dies. Last in the list is Professor Snape

I am all for content strategies that modernise the way sport storytelling is executed and I agree that we have to follow the steps of Buzzfeed, Vice and others who are leading the way media is succeeding today.

The way millennials consume sport content, the way content is made more sharable and the way real-time marketing works are all very clear to me.

Monetising sport content is becoming more and more challenging and many media publisher are competing for being the smartest and the more followed.

I am a big advocate for using data as a source of storytelling, researching the intriguing, entertaining and engaging stories that are hidden inside the huge amount of data that sport generates.

I really love the way the new Eurosport has transitioned to a very modern and engaging sport storyteller, great respect for what they are doing. Great job in posting native facebook videos of key moments.

That is all fine. BUT…

After 29 years in the sport media business there are still some key values that I do want to stand by.

I honestly think that Eurosport in this case really went beyond the limit.

This post is not funny.

People deaths, even famous people death, and in the latest case on the same day of a 69 years old actor dying, is not something to use to get some 100 more like on facebook.

I am asking Eurosport to apologise and remove this post and infographics from all social network and revise their social editorial policy.

This may be caused to my super sensitiveness so apologies if you all disagree with this and sorry for the ethical lesson tone of voice, unintended.


Thanks to Luca Maccarrone i found out that the daily mail is the origin of this curse theory since 2012


By doing some research i found that the italian media jumped on this (great journalism)

But also the UK media are doing it and maybe they are the source of this