“That Ronaldo Goal” on social

As I was following UEFA Champions League last night and saw the amazing Ronaldo second goal in Torino I was immediately curious of how the social ecosystem would have leveraged that to generate interest and traffic.

I have collected a series of screenshot from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter on my smartphone between 7am and 9am CET, I guess the stats will go up during the morning.

I have considered the accounts from Real Madrid, La Liga, UEFA, 433, Copa90, Bt Sport and others.

Most outlets posted in real-time but some surprisingly only just posted this morning.

Notable things:

  1. Real Madrid instagram post at 2.3M likes
  2. UEFA instagram post at 1M likes
  3. Comparison with Mandzukic volley
  4. BT Sport video with 1.9M views (UK only in theory)
  5. EA using the game to explain why he got so good :)
  6. Some low 10k views video from illegal sources (on twitter mostly)
  7. Juventus fans celebrating Ronaldo with a standing ovation #thebeautifulgame
  8. A confirmation that Facebook and Twitter have less engagement than instagram if done right these days


Infographics by KPMG Football Benchmark