carlo de marchis
Aug 24, 2018 · 3 min read

As we approach the start of the 2018 NFL regular season, a new version of the NFL Gamepass iOS and Android mobile apps have just been published to the relative app stores.

Both new versions include the latest version of the video player which brings a wealth of new features and the potential for more innovations in the near future.

The new video player works both in portrait and landscape mode, providing access to various set of extended data and content for the different video types, live and VOD games, Originals and Programs.

With a simple tap on the screen the basic video controls are available as an overlay at the center of the screen for Pause/Play, Rewind/Forward of 10 secs, and seek at any point in the video with the scrub bar. Apple TV and Chromecast icons also available to watch on the big screen.

During live games, in portrait mode, you can access additional info and content — fully synchronized with where they are in the video (no risk of spoilers even if you are in catch-up mode).

Five tabs are available:

  1. Play-by-play — every single play in the game. Click any event to watch in DVR mode, the video will go back to that very moment. You can always join live again when you wish
  2. Statistics — Detailed stats from the game aligned with the moment in time of the current video playing (if you are back in time you will see the stats at that moment, not the latest ones)
  3. Visiting Team — detailed player stats for the home team
  4. Home Team — same as for the visiting team
  5. Live games — to access other live games and RedZone when available

Also during live games in landscape mode, you can access and re-watch key moments of the game with the visual timeline, accessed with a simple swipe-up from the bottom of the screen. You can scroll horizontally to access the full list of key events up to now in the game. Clicking on any of the elements will bring you instantly in DVR mode to that very moment of the game.

There is a brand new integration with Chromecast which provides enhanced feature giving you full control of the video on the big screen from the mobile device. With this more advanced integration you have available the same video controls as when watching on the mobile device but you operate the video on the big screen instead.

More features will be added during the season and more content will be made available in the portrait-mode extra tabs also for NFL Orignals and Programs.

Now we just have to wait for the Regular Season to start as we enjoy the most interesting week of pre-season with some key games, Patriots @ Panthers and the all-NYC game between Giants and Jets.

Sport: The Digital (r)evolution

There is no way back: fans need sport, sport needs reach, reach needs digital

carlo de marchis

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@CDM / Chief Product & Marketing Officer @deltatre

Sport: The Digital (r)evolution

There is no way back: fans need sport, sport needs reach, reach needs digital

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