Updated Visual Standing after 2nd round

Here they are all groups with all teams having played two matches each, with 2 groups already fully defined (A and G) and 2 groups partially (C and D) and 4 still open (B, E, F and H), only in group F any of the 4 teams can still go through.
6 teams already qualified: Russia, Uruguay, France, Croatia, Belgium, England
8 teams out: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Marocco, Peru, Costarica, Tunisia, Panama, Poland

The remaining 18 teams will need the last match to know their fate.

  • Group B: 2 out of POR, ESP, IRN could qualify
  • Group C: DEN or AUS could qualify
  • Group D: only 1 of NGA, ISL, ARG could qualify
  • Group E: 2 of BRA, SUI, SRB could qualify
  • Group F: Any of MEX, GER, SWE, KOR could still qualify
  • Group H: 2 of JPN, SEN, COL could still qualify

The biggest drama being Group D with Argentina in search of a Messi miracle.

I am sure this can be improved but still like the fact that in one visual I can get all groups with a visual clue at glance as well as all matches and scores. An interactive version can link or show, in-page, all highlights and more stats for each macth. Simplified versions can be created — some shown at the bottom of this post.

If you want a longer explanation of possible tie breakers read this comprehesive article from ESPN.

A fifa.com visual story (best on mobile) on the matter

My original blog post on the subject of Visual Standings is here:

Simplified versions

No upcoming matches on top and stats.

No numeric scores and qualifed/out indications

Color alterations to show qualified teams vs out ve still in the game