What I learned from 25 students about TV

I recently met 25 students from the world-renowned Politecnico di Torino university which is one of the top technology school in Europe. They come from 15 different countries, all in their 20s (obviously).

They visited deltatre as part of a program to understand how the market for tech talent works in real life.

Apart from presenting deltatre to them I also took the opportunity to ask them some questions about their relationship with technology and content consumption:

Question 1: “Do you normally watch linear TV?”
Answer: 90% shaking their head and mumbling

Question 2: “To be more precise is someone not watching TV at all?”
Answer: 75% raised their hands

Question 3: “Do you watch some sport, live sport?”
Answer: less than 75% raised their hands

Question 4: “Where do you watch it?”
Answer: 50% said TV… but many others said elsewhere

So there are many lesson learned we can extract from that.

  1. They really watch few or no TV at all, this is real
  2. Yet sport (live sport) is often still watched on TV but this happening less and less
  3. They are a bit confused

This is what we know and what every stat tells us, but to experience it live with real people is though less scientific a lot more eye-opening.

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