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Legendary NFT Drop Sportcash One


Legendary Moments call for Legendary Memories!

Become a Sportcash One OG, and ‘HODL’ your Legendary Moment NFT!

Memorialize Sportcash One’s NFT Marketplace launch on Mainnet with this memorable collectible. Ownership of this NFT entitles you to participate in special raffles and give aways via our NFT entitlement feature.

Legendary Moment NFTs commemorate our launch and increase in value as we launch the exclusive Sports and Entertainment NFT Marketplace. In the spirit of maximizing value for our Sportcash One community, our Legendary Moment NFTs will continuously accrue value and utility as our Marketplace matures. Think of our Legendary Moment NFTs as an original piece of the launch of a historic moment. Our team promises to think of our ‘OG’ Legendary Moment NFT Marketplace holders first, as we build out increased utility and provide improvements to our marketplace.

Sportcash One is dropping 2 Legendary Moment Collectibles. The Black Legendary Moment NFT drops 1000 editions at $10.00 USD. The White Legendary Moment NFT drops 1-of-1 going to the highest bidder via Dutch Auction after 15 days.

The Legendary Moment NFTs like our marketplace, products, and community will continue to evolve over-time. As such we will reward our ‘OG’ Legendary Moment NFT holders first as we roll out new-features, new products, and new utility. You’ll have access to exclusive content, and be in the know for new drops, new marketplace features, and new utility upgrades.

These are vital utility focused NFTs. The raffle provides instant access to SCOneX tokens and ensures utility across Sportcash One’s entire suite of products while simultaneously functioning as a speculative asset.


NFT Legendary Drop

Sportcash One is dropping 2 Legendary Moment Collectibles to celebrate our launch.

One Black Legendary NFT drop sale of 1000 editions

Fixed Price/Direct Buy : $10.00 USD
When: April 20, 2022 at 3pm CET
Sale open for 1 month

One White Legendary NFT drop sale 1-of-1 edition with Dutch Auction

  • When: April 20, 2022 at 3pm CET
    Bidding open for 15 days
  • NFT Entitlements:
    - Air Drop of SCOneX tokens
    - Access to Exclusive Raffle Prizes including NFTs and SCOneX
    - Increased Staking Commission
    - Early access to White-List NFTs
    - NFT Airdrops
    - First Priority for Secret Rewards

Learn more here:
Email White-List for Drop:




Sports NFT Marketplace and tokenization solutions, align incentives and monetize your growing community

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