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NFT Marketplace: SCOneX Community Fee Sharing! #CreateToEarn #Create&Stake

Sportcash One prioritizes community ownership. As a bottom-up platform it’s crucial for us that our community shares, connects, and builds our growth organically.

Sportcash One is excited to announce we will share SCOneX fees generated on the NFT Marketplace between all SCOneX stakers. By allowing transactions from the NFT Marketplace to be pooled, staked, and divided between users based on usage of the platform. Our fee sharing closely aligns the Sportcash One community. Each NFT minted, each NFT sold, and each NFT purchased on our Marketplace provides SCOneX for distribution throughout our ecosystem, and rewards SCOneX stakeholders via the newly launched fee sharing program.

Sportcash One Flywheel

Sportcash One’s SCOnex Flywheel

Staking within the context of our NFT Marketplace allows our loyal and faithful SCOneX ‘HODL’ers to capture value with our ventures continual trajectory while simultaneously encouraging Creators, Speculators, and NFT-Buyers to maximize value while interacting on our Marketplace. Our Marketplace thrives when SCOneX holders support the marketplace and are rewarded for their loyal support in the early stages. The Staking mechanisms ensure that HODL’ers generate value for their support, while encouraging creators to create NFTs, Speculators to purchase, bid, transact, and buyers to purchase and collect NFTs en masse. Sportcash One believes in organic growth and remains confident we’re on the best track to blitzscale our marketplace without sacrificing the sweat equity of our early adopters. The Sportcash One flywheel and Staking Mechanism ensures everyone wins!

Basic Requirements:
Minimum Staking: 1000 SCOneX
Maximum Staking: Unlimited

Staking Mechanism Structure
Every time a transaction occurs on the Sportcash One Marketplace the fees are distributed to all community members staking SCOneX based on their % ownership of the pool.

Sportcash One is committed to sharing 50–70% of the transaction fees generated in the NFT Marketplace with the staking community.

Sportcash One uses a “variable reward.” The variable reward is based on the total amount of transactions occurring on the marketplace.

For example:
If SCOneX ‘Staker 1’ stakes 1000 SCOneX Tokens, and SCOneX ‘Staker 2’ stakes 9000 SCOneX there is 10,000 SCOneX total in the pool. As transactions occur on the NFT Marketplace, ‘Staker 1’ is rewarded with 10% of the transaction fees, while ‘Staker 2’ is rewarded with 90% of the transaction fees.

For those accustomed to traditional staking, the SCOneX utility token “variable reward” is generated from the 50–70% of transaction fees and rewarded proportionally to the amount each user has staked in the pool.

As more NFT Transactions occur, more SCOneX fees are shared with community of stakers.

Sponsorship Fees System
Sportcash One’s NFT Marketplace uses SCOneX token as a basic fee for all types of transactions. Waves Blockchain allows using fee in native tokens if the creator of this token supports sponsored transactions. Thus, you can pay the transaction fee using the sponsored SCOneX utility token. Also, you can pay sponsored fees in SCOneX for transfers with Waves and any other Waves-based tokens.

Sportcash One NFT Marketplace Costs per transaction:
Smart Contract Transaction: 0.005 Waves.
Standard Transaction: 0.001 Waves

To maintain fast, cheap, and easy to use transactions for our community, Sportcash One retains 50–30% of the transaction fees to support the ecosystem, and provide a healthy market.

Cost of fees on the Sportcash One Marketplace:
All transactions on the NFT Marketplace cost 35 SCOneX. The fees reflect the current market cost of Waves and the SCOneX utility Token and can vary in the future based on market value of both crypto-assets.

Mint an NFT: 35 SCOneX; 15 to the NFT marketplace, 20 to Community Staking Pool

Future Staking Capabilities:
NFT Staking for Rewards. Future pools will have the ability to reward users based on the amount and type of NFTs they hold in their portfolio.

For example if you stake 1 Legendary NFT in addition to your SCOneX Tokens you receive an increased % in the Staking Pool.

Helpful Links

SCOneX staking will be available from day 28 May in the NFT Marketplace:




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