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Sportcash One’s New Social Platform

Sportcash One announces Launch of New Social Platform, Day 20 july !

Sportcash One’s Social Site provides a one-stop solution for Athletes, Clubs, Brands, Fans, Advertisers, and Sports Businesses to collectively share content, communicate, network, sell-products, and share ideas at the center of the sporting landscape.

Creating a profile provides the capacity to share highlights, engage with fans, and sell products directly to consumers.

Our newly created social platform and soon to be integrated NFT Marketplace provides a one-stop location for all things tech, crypto, and sports. Sportcash One becomes the marketplace whereby athletes, brands, and consumers share and thrive via an organic community powered by the latest in DeFi and cryptocurrency technology. Watch this space for NFT marketplace coming soon.

The best part? Engagement is gamified and monetized returning SCOneX cryptocurrency for engagement on the platform. Earn SCOneX while sharing your content. Earn SCOnex while selling your products on top of your profit. The faster the growth, the more SCOneX earned, and the greater the value of your SCOneX holdings. Sportcash One’s social site aligns incentives for each sporting entity to quickly achieve powerful network and flywheel effects maximizing value for all participants.

Why join Sportcash One’s Social Platform?

- Use our social platform to gain exposure to brands, sponsors, and grow your social media community

- Earn tradable cryptocurrency with your social presence/activity and incentivize your community to do the same!

- Receive donations through your personal profile

- The platform utilizes a rewards gamification system powered by our SCOneX Coins, where Fans, Clubs, Athletes, and Brands can gain rewards for activity and buy special products and services.

Create your profile today and join the ride:

Register your profile here:



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