Taxi Drivers In Russia

Do you think that after booking a hotel your hassle ends? No way.

Live from Russia. The Confederations Cup is already here! And at the same time the first troubles that we wrote about earlier: taxi drivers.

A Chilean journalist Diego Saez was scammed by the driver, who charged him around $900 for a one-hour ride from the Domodedovo airport to his hotel. That’s 50 times the typical fare. After paying, he consulted with a Chilean colleague over the phone, who told him a more reasonable rate would be $90. “Then I started arguing with him (the driver) to get my money back, but he insisted on the fare” — said Saez.

Saez took a picture of the licence plate and contacted police. He was interviewed by Russian officials and they called him back next day. They had the driver detained and eventually, he returned all the money.

In Russia, it’s not that simple. Taxi drivers frequently take advantage of the fact that foreigners don’t know the city and the language. So they drive in circles through all the traffic jams. As a result, the trip costs twice the price in the best case scenario and you lost your time and energy.

Among other things, they drive old cars with dirty cabin and an unpleasant smell. You will mess up your clothes and luggage. And will have a chance to listen to loud music that you normally don’t listen to. If this happens, don’t hesitate to ask for some other car.

Not to mention the air conditioning in the car. You will be offered to open the window, but in a traffic jam it’s very stuffy in the summer. What a trip! Unfortunately, you can spoil the impression of the city from the first minutes.

By the way, not all drivers speak your language. You can probably explain to them what you want in sign language . But this is a bad idea. Perhaps an online translator will help. If you still get into this situation, try using it. And save or print the name and address of the hotel in Russian just in case. Show this to the driver and make sure he understands you.

Having said all that through, I would not recommend any foreigners to use unofficial cabs if they are alone in the city. At Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, one of the main arrival points into Russia, there’s a big sign that says: “Beware of private taxi-drivers! Fraud is possible when paying. No safety guaranteed.” Be careful and pay attention.

You will be much safer if you book a transfer beforehand. Now there is an opportunity to book a transfer in another country when you are at home. But be sure to read the reviews and don’t pay for services with a credit card on unverified sites. Scammers often use tricks on Internet resources. Try to explore Russian websites. For example: iway. You can change the language to English for your convenience. Then you will be sure that you’ll be met by a polite and reliable driver in a clean and new car. In that case, you fill the address online.

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