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Felipe Martinez
Sep 22 · 3 min read
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I’m Felipe Martinez, a Bay Area native and a graduate student for the Sport Management program at the University of San Francisco. I am excited to start my blog journey on Medium with SportIn Global as a Sales and Customer Service Intern. My hobbies include sports banter, video games, sports podcasts, card games, and sometimes cooking. Each one gives me a chance to improve myself in a fun and interesting way, which should always be a goal for everyone.

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I want to share my fascination for American sports and how its business creates opportunity for professionals and aspiring students like me. I feel that Sport Management is a continuously changing field that any competitive business man or woman can appreciate. For me, I’ve always enjoyed sports. I grew up a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan searching through each player’s stats and collecting football cards. My sports role models were DeMarcus Ware, Barry Bonds, and Mike Bibby because they each embodied a competitive spirit that no other player could match at the time. At a young age, I modeled my attitude, swagger, and mental toughness through these amazing athletes. I was involved in soccer, football, and basketball, while earning straight A’s. I had a competitive drive that matched my work ethic, but I lost it when I had a season ending injury during my senior year of football. Losing my opportunity in earning a sport scholarship and not playing the sport I love devastated me.

I then directed my focus towards academics and started my undergrad at San Jose State University. I wanted to continue learning about sports, so I studied and earned my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Sport Management. During my undergraduate experience, I felt I was just going through the motions and focusing on who I was as a person. My interest in sports went dormant. During my final semesters at SJSU, I was introduced to USF’s Sport Management program through one of my professors. After careful consideration and receiving great recommendations, I decided to apply. I found out that I was accepted to the Master’s program, while attending a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium. Realizing that my academic career was not over, I knew I had to find that same competitive spirit I had all those years ago. Currently, I feel that I am thriving in the program. However, as the risk of Covid-19 surges on, the need for human rights comes to light, and the California fires spread, it is easy to lose sight of what goals can be achieved. Although it may be hard, it is not impossible. With SportIn Global, I feel that I am given a chance to improve my social platforms and bring opportunity to the community around me and beyond. So as I start this journey, I ask: How can I help you?


A social recruitment platform for the sport business…

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Felipe Martinez

Written by

First Generation College Graduate, Bay Area Native , and Intern for SportIn Global


A social recruitment platform for the sport business industry

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