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Eduardo Drapier
Jun 2 · 3 min read

Last month we promoted the first CSGO tournament in the region. The tournament took place at Akademiet High School, in Ålesund — Norway.

We only managed to organize this event due to our amazing interns and volunteers. And today we would like to give a big shout-out to our friend Elmis Eduardo Sierra from Venezuela. Great job, mate!

Check Elmis thoughts regarding the event and his experience to build a sport career abroad.

“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.”- John Keats. That is exactly the case for people who want to star a new path in their professional career: no matter how good you are in the classrooms and how many A’s you got during your bachelor/master course, until you are on the field applying what you learned during your studies.

And the sport industry is not the exception. When you are aiming for make your entrance in the sport business, one of the most relevant information — if not the most- that recruiters look at your CV is how many years of experience do you have in the field that you are applying for. If you have zero practical know-how, your chances of getting the job are lower than those who at least were part of a volunteer activity once in their lifetime.

In that regard, and since I arrived in Norway, I was aiming to different sport organizations who were looking for students eager to learn more about the industry and that at the same time help me to get the international experience that is so important nowadays. As you can imagine, getting a job in Norway is not that easy if you are not able to effectively communicate your thoughts in the local language even if Norwegians master English as their second official language. Therefore, I was limited in my options and to be honest, a bit frustrated about my performance.

However, this situation changed when SportIn GlobalTM, a Norwegian startup based in Molde, went into my CV and offered me the opportunity that I was looking for as an intern in the marketing department and made part of the first Counter Strike and e-sport tournament within the Møre og Romsdal kommuner. Since the beginning of this project the workload for the whole team was intense and the commitment of setting a milestone within the e-sport community in Norway is definitely, something to admire. When the day arrived, my main task was to be in charge of the social media channels, sharing content through Instagram stories and generate interaction with our community. However, I was also included in the planning of the general marketing campaign and the event organization as a whole, which undoubtedly contribute to my personal and professional development as a Sport Management master student.

I would like to finish this short article with a recommendation to all of you guys, who want to start your path within this exciting world of sports: study as harder as you can but remember that networking and connections is also important for landing in your dream job and believe me, volunteer opportunity and event organization’s roles are one of the perfect places to growth your network and learn how the industry works.

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Text by Elmis Sierra

Originally posted 15.04.19


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