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Eduardo Drapier
Jun 17 · 4 min read

In this blog post, you will get to get ahead this summer. These tips are tailored towards young and aspiring talents, looking for a career in sports. Let the learning begin!

Before we talk about the key inside information, we would like to highlight the fact that. While some of your competition is enjoying the beach life and chilling with a beverage, You are taking the initiative towards improving yourself.

The path to success can be a challenging and lonely journey

The first point on the agenda, is to build your network. Growing your network is an essential key for success, and the summer time is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of their “slow” days in the office. , is by looking for people that works in a sport you have knowledge about. If they also happen to be in your local area, then you should take advantage of that opportunity! This way, it is easy to set up a personal meeting and you have a connection by being a local.

During one of my informational interviews, I spoke with the CMO ofHis advice to you is:

“Meeting people is a skill and you need to network as much as possible. Along the way, you will learn a tremendous amount about people, business and the sport industry”.

In your process of meeting new people, it is important to understand that you only have one name and one reputation. The sport industry is so small that everybody knows each other. It is the beauty and the beast of the industry. Should you happen to do a poor job, you might as well change your career to another industry.

In order to build authentic relationships, you need to understand how you can bring value. It puts you in a position where you need to work on your personal development. This comes down to your values, beliefs, knowledge, and ability to reflect on yourself. The President & GM of #SeattleStorm, suggests you to reflect on the following questions:

“What do I stand for? What is my differentiator?”

What do I need to improve to take the next step?

Reflection is a major key for success. When that is said, it is important to acknowledge that What you can and should do, is to find someone you can learn from. More specifically, a mentor.

. So how do you know who the right ones are? You don’t….Which leads back to the CMO’s point of networking. What you can do, is to learn from different areas of the industry. The Associate Athletic Director at #USFAthletics, recommends you to;

“Follow the money. This gives you access to everything. But try to learn from different areas such as; marketing, business development, sales, fundraising etc.”

The summer is also a great time of the year to get some experience. Whether you get an internship, summer job, or simply are doing some volunteering. I can’t emphasise enough on how important it is gaining relevant experience. During another informational interview, the Executive Assistant at #Apple Inc., former #OaklandRaiders staff, said to me;

“Definitely take any and all opportunities given to you. What’s the worst that could happen? Even if you have a miserable experience, you’ll learn something and that is a wonderful thing.”

Hard work always pays off!

As a final tip, we would like for you to think about your email communication. This is the one place where your grammar should be perfect. If you don’t use enough time to look at your text, how accurate are you in your work? You might be great at your work, but they will ask themselves that question. Control what you can control and work hard. Because hard work, always pays off!

All the best,

Ole Martin V.

Founder & CEO — SportIn Global


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Eduardo Drapier

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