SportsTech at Startup Grind 2019

Ole Martin Vebenstad
Jun 18 · 3 min read

week has already past since our incredible trip in London took place. Now, it is time to reflect the outcome of the conference and move forward with the necessary steps. We are extremely glad to say it was worth the trip! Here is our key takes from Startup Grind 2019.

Startup Grind Oslo (Sergiu) and the SportIn Global team (Ole Martin & Eduardo)

Startup Grind was our first conference specifically focusing on the tech industry. It was great to see a few handpicked startups from the SportsTech market, and I am grateful for the bonds we created — Ole Martin (Founder & CEO).

In the heart of technology, innovation and pitching, we were proud to see a couple sports-tech startups exhibiting next to us. They represented countries such as; Germany, China, Poland and Norway. All with incredible solutions for their market. One of the startups, 8sense, creates a coaching system for the future, by tracking key measurements to improve your poster and training.

Like 8sense, every exhibiting startup have something new and groundbreaking for their market. It was a true honour and privilege being selected amongst only 100 handpicked startups across the globe. As Startup Grind have a partnership with Google for Startups, it means that the effort we have put down over the last year, are starting to bear fruits. And for parts of the team, this was even their first conference participation as a startup. Our Digital Marketing Director, Eduardo, had the following words to share after the conference;

For me, it was a great opportunity to get into the startup world and meet new people with amazing ideas and projects. Regarding SportIn Global, I believe we did a great job showcasing our platform and creating a solid network with startups and people all over the world.

Enjoying the beautiful weather after the conference

here is no doubt that showcasing your project in the most relevant place, should in theory create more value down the road. However, this conference opened our eyes in terms of potential partners and collaborators to increase the value of our upcoming platform. It thought us that in order to become the best, you have to find the right partners that increases your value proposition for your users and partners.

One of the interesting startups we came across, was Umbrella Analytics. They are focusing on workplace equality and collects relevant & accurate data to help companies create more equality and diversity in the workplace. And in the future of recruitment in the sport industry, we want to help create more diverse organisations, as our main focus is to help these companies find tbe best people that aligns with their values and fits in their company.

Without giving away too much for now, we want to say that, this conference have opened several doors for us and we can’t wait to share our upcoming news with all of you!

Stay tuned and as always; Vi snakkes!

As we were in London, we had to visit this beautiful stadium.


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