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The Sports Industry is very connected and there is also a person who is putting a lot of effort to connect professionals and help the industry to be more professionalized.

Today we share Luiz Felipe Giacomelli story. Luiz has a very interesting background within the sports industry and nowadays he is working on a new project called World Sports Business Network.

If you are looking for an opportunity in the sports industry, make sure to read his interview and follow some of his pieces of advice, such as “I look for Character, Integrity, and Honesty. Technical skills are teachable.”

Thank you for your time, Luiz!

Luiz, can you share with us your academic and professional background?

I have +15 years on the sports industry working with projects, business, sports events and conferences.

Some of the business I have been working are: COO & Owner of the Oasis Convention Center (2006–2018). Also, COO & Owner of the Helenus & Fisicor Fitness and Rehab Center (2003–2018). Additionally, Managing Director of the Institute for Research & Development of the Movement (2013–2017). And finally, now I am focused 100% since 2018 as the CEO & Owner of Maximus Sports Management.

Some sports events, projects, tournaments and teams I have worked are:

International Coordinator of Amateur Soccer League USA (2017); COO: Charity Soccer Match Gol Azul- Vitoria-ES-Brazil (2016–2018); Operations Manager (MOM): Brazilian Women’s Beach Soccer Championship (2017) ; Operations Manager (MOM): US Open international Cricket Tournament- Florida-USA (2017) ; Open Brazil Paralympic Tournment — RJ /Brazil (2017); Rio2016 Summer Olympics Games (2016) ; Paralympic Swimming World Championship — Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (2016) ; Brazilian Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team (2015) ; Pro Footvolley Tournment — Hollywood Beach — Florida/USA (2009) ; Indiana University SB Basketball teams- Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference/USA (2008/09); Brazil National Super League Volleyball Championship (2006/07)

Additionally, some Conferences and Summits I have organized are:

Managing Director & Founder: WorldSBN summit (Portugal 2018 & Brazil 2019); OCM: Sports Medicine and Fitness Conference (Dubai 2016 & Spain 2017) ; OCM: Euro Health Care & Fitness Summit (Spain 2015 & London 2016) ; OCM: Global Physiotherapy Congress (USA 2016) ; COO & Owner: Sports Traumatology Conference of the State of Espirito Santo-Brazil (2005–2017)

About my Academic Background I can summarize as:

I have done my Masters Degree in Health System Management at Indiana University South Bend / USA.

Also I have a Grad School diploma in Sports Management from College Claretiano-Brazil; and a Grad School diploma in Human Resource Management from the College Afonso Claudio-Brazil.

Some certifications I have, are: Doping Control course granted by the Brazilian Doping Control Authority; Medical Exercise Specialist by American Academy of Health, Fitness & Rehabilitation Professionals /USA; and Strength and Conditioning Training– ER Global Certificates / USA

Also, I have a title of Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy from COFFITO/ Brazil; and a BsC degree in Physical Therapy from college FSV- Brazil.

Finally, I have a English as Second Language (ESL) diploma, from the South Bend English Institute- Indiana University -USA.

What is Maximus Sports Management and what do you plan to achieve?

I have founded Maximus at the beginning of 2018. A Sports Management and Operations Business which has as an objective in working with Management and Operations of major sports industry Projects and events worldwide.

Among the Services it provides for any major event, are the following: Strategic planning, Project development, Sponsorship and partnership acquisition, Broadcasting and Media Rights negotiation, Contract Negotiation, Human Resources Management, Game day operations, Sports Facilities Management, and Medical Service Operations.

Additionally, Maximus running some own projects, such as:

The World Sports Business Network conferences (, at Maia-Portugal (October 2018), at São Paulo-Brazil (January 2019), and others scheduled for the coming months. This group is composed by C-Level Sports Industry executives, from over 45 different countries.

Also, the SAM Cup, an international soccer tournament scheduled to happen on Florida-USA on 2019/2020.

Talking about “World Sports Business Network”, Can you give us more details about it? How you have the idea and what is your goal?

The WorldSBN (World Sports Business Network), founded on April/2018, is a Global Executive Level Sports and eSports Industry group of Leading professionals from varies areas of expertise such as management, operations, marketing, broadcasting, ticketing, etc… all related to pro-sports/eSports. Professionals from most of the international confederations, Rio2016, Tokyo2020, Paris2024, Commonwealth Games, FIFA, IOC, USOC, FIBA, etc… from all continents; We are from over 45 countries. The main objectives of this group to share expertise and experiences, get updated on the latest news about the industry, to open doors for opportunities worldwide, and to do business in a win-win way.

We also organize the worldSBN conferences yearly worldwide (2018 — Portugal, 2019-Brazil) to give to our members a chance to present sports/esports projects, investments, opportunities, events, business, jobs, well succeed cases, etc… and to meet each other in an old fashion way, doing eye contact and shaking hands.

The success of this group was so rapid that just one year later, by May of 2019, was necessary to move a new platform called, to provide a better and more interactive experience.

The is an Only sports/eSports industry content platform; with only sports/eSports industry executive-level members from all over the globe.

WorldSBN Platform Features:

-exclusive platform for sports/eSports industry executive level professionals

-exclusive sports/eSports industry contents posted

-daily news, updates, informations, contents

-job opportunity posting

-directly and unlimited messaging to executives (CEO/director/managers) that are members, from the sports/eSports industry globally.

-sports/eSports industry experts posting content and interacting frequently

-country delegates

-exclusive discounts for members on workdSBN conferences, seminars, webinars, and other partnered events.

-official language spoken: English

I am very confident this worldSBN conferences and the website, will become among the most popular globally in the sports/eSports industry, in a couple of years from now.

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How do you perceive the sports industry in Brasil? What do you see as future trends in this market?

Brazil is “surfing a huge major sports event wave” since 2007, hosting major sports events, such as PanAmerican Games, World Military Games, Copa das Confederações, Copa America, FIFA2014 soccer World Cup, Rio2016 Olympics, Fifa U17, and other major international tournaments/events.

So, in my opinion, the major legacy for Brazil was the qualification and experiences acquired by the professional whom worked at these events.

Naturally, the waves come and goes. Now, this wave is going to the USA, which will host the Major sports events until 2030. And my eyes are very open for it.

You have international experience with football, Volleyball, MMA, Basketball, and cricket events, can you give 3 tips for students and professionals looking for a career abroad?

First, always have the spirit of learning, from every positive or negative experience.

Second, say YES always, then when you get more experienced you will filter the possibilities and opportunities and start saying NO.

Third, don´t be afraid of the New.

Networking is very important to succeed in the sports industry and you are a professional with a very strong network. What advice can you give for students and professional to build a strong network?

At the time you know someone from the sports industry, gets his/her contact (phone, email, social media) and every couple months send a message to update the connection.

When you are looking for people to work with you, what type of skills are you looking for?

I look for Character, Integrity and Honesty.

Technical skills are teachable.

Any final comments or a special message to share?

Be grateful for those who opened the doors and shared their experiences and Knowledge to you.

Help new professionals to get into the industry, as well you got helped on the past. Have in mind you have Allways some new thing to learn.

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