Introducing SportRχiv: the open archive for sport-related research.

It is with great pleasure that I share with you details of SportRχiv; the open archive for sport related research. SportRχiv (pronounced sport archive), sets about solving a number of problems that are all too common within scientific publishing. Within our field, researchers would like to share their work with practitioners and practitioners would like to access it. At present, however, there is a rather large paywall shaped obstacle that often gets in the way of this process. As researchers, we attempt to submit pre-prints to our institutional repositories, which although an improvement, only partially solves the problem. In the unlikely event that practitioners manage to find a manuscript of interest, due to the insular nature of institutional repositories, finding linked research may prove problematic. SportRχiv will solve this problem by creating one central, open and accessible location where all sport based publications can be freely shared. Beyond overcoming the obstacles associated with disseminating research, SportRχiv will also offer researchers the opportunity to (1) solicit feedback, (2) establish precedent — published pre-prints through SportRχiv will be allocated a DOI number and indexed by Google Scholar (3) improve workflow management, (4) share their data and supplementary materials, (5) improve the discoverability of their research, and (6) future proof their work within a cloud based repository.

This project requires the support of the sports community and as such, I am requesting your help. I believe we have an opportunity to shape how we both conduct and disseminate research here and I am hopeful that this post will stimulate a discussion around other ways in which myself and the project’s steering board can open and improve the current system, while also helping connect researchers and practitioners. Please use the comments section here to make any suggestions or alternatively you can send a message to the project’s temporary email

If you support what we are trying to achieve, please also consider adding your name at, mentioning the idea to your colleagues, and following us on your favoured social media platform (Twitter: @SportRxiv and Facebook:

Many thanks in advance,