Great example of social media marketing from Juve!

Marijan Palić
Sep 8, 2019 · 2 min read

Juventus and Roma are the only two clubs in Italy who invest in marketing. Recently, Juve launched a brilliant campaign called ‘Pirlo is not impressed’.

Before I present this campaign, I would highlight another interactive campaign from Juve. Again, they invited fans to participate and that bring them a huge success.

Before the derby with ‘angry’ rival Inter, they invited fans to help them (with the Facebook application) to create the choreography! The campaign titled #LoveJU had tremendous success, and details are in the video below:

Steven’s creation was chosen from a total of 3122 sent in via the dedicated Facebook app, which garnered 4,500 registered users, was viewed 290,000 times and inspired as many as 18,118 people to vote for their favorite design.

#LoveJu was also the hashtag the supporters used to send in their motivational messages for the team on Twitter. A selection of messages was then shown on the Juventus Stadium big screens to get the Bianconeri fired up for the Derby d’Italia.

Then, they had another interesting video, about 10 million Facebook fans… A player with number 10 (Carlos Tevez) hit Facebook Like…

And now finally, How to impress Pirlo?

The goal of the campaign? Interaction, interaction and interaction! All fans must figure out how to impress Pirlo, and already, the campaign is in focus of media all around the world.

That was the point of this brilliant campaign, Juve is in terms of interaction with the fans now set a new benchmark in football, all thanks to Frederic Palomba, creative marketing manager.


Photo: Screenshot Youtube

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