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Alternate history: 49ers win

Crafting a sports story on a tight deadline

Here’s something most sports fans might not know: the best games, the ones that tilt back…

Michael Sam Looking To Be First Gay NFL Concussion Victim

GALVESTON, TX—Missouri defensive end Michael Sam told reporters on Sunday that he is gay, and he hopes to become the first…

The Strange Asymmetry of Curling

Asymmetry is an idea more often talked about more in video games but the concept works just as nicely when talking about sports. While in football both…

Changing of the guard at the Seattle Seahawks running back spot? 

Is 2014 the year Marshawn Lynch becomes “just a guy”? 

How Statistics Get Abused in the Media

Televised sport has gone stats-crazy; now we have to learn which we can trust

At the Battle’s End, She’s Great

February 11, 2014

“You can’t take that inside.”

That’s what I was told by a Gate A attendant, who peered over his glasses, inspecting my camera bag.

He was a middle-aged, scruffy-faced man doing a thankless job. But what he’d said wasn’t what I needed to hear.

The New Olympic Games

are you game for these five game-changing game concepts for a greater games games?

Can you hear the Chelsea sing?

A Bridge of sighs…

Unbeaten in the league, at home, all season. Mourinho is turning Stamford Bridge back into a fortress. Let's not…

Not Only United

Lack of Quality Midfield Talent isn’t restricted to Man United, its an English problem. 

Run a mile and grab a smile

There’s no miracle for feeling happy, but wait there’s running… 

Yes that’s it, that’s the happiness miracle: running. It sounds…

Richard Sherman’s Post-Game Interview: We Want Our Violence Stylized

and not too much in our face

Ever since it happened last Sunday, Richard Sherman’s interview with Erin Andrews immediately following the 49ers/Seahawks NFC championship game has truly lit up the TwitterVerse. Some are applauding the authenticity of the moment, comparing it favorably to the…


Chicago Mustangs dominate competition, winning PASL Triple Crown

PASL regular season. Ron Newman Cup. U.S. Open. The Chicago Mustangs have won every…

The Speedskater Who Attracted A Crowd And Fell On His Ass

He was supposedly a star, then everything was embarrassing

Forgotten Champs: The 2004 Pistons

On Sunday 6th June, 2004, two teams stepped on court for Game One of the NBA Finals.

Baseball (That Dance with the Devil) is Here (Thank God)

It is with great joy, and some concern, that I write these words: baseball season is upon us once again. The joys of green…

Nation Still Eagerly Awaiting Super Bowl

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — With the anticipation continuing to build following the AFC and NFC Championship games more than two weeks ago, sports fans…

The Legend of Melvin Ejim

The road to Iowa State for Melvin Ejim was filled with twists and turns. Choosing between basketball and eating, losing a best friend and…

Seattle Seahawks: Earl Thomas beats Richard Sherman to the contract table

The cash is flowing in Seattle—for now

Steering with your face

a physical symphony of cacophonous movements

The first time Steve Podborski raced on Whistler Mountain his coach’s job was on the line.

Training in wait

He led the CFL in rushing when he was dumped by the Toronto Argonauts — Will any team take up the talented, but troublesome running back?

Stand #60—The Olympics Officially Declared Over

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

In a surprise move, Russian President, Vladmir Putin, announced just moments ago…

A Girl’s First True Love

Recognizing National Girls & Women in Sport Day

I met my first true love at five years old.

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Sports Page

A place for winners and losers, absolutes and ambiguity, opinions and fact, letters and numbers.

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