Changing Your Zip Code

J. Roberts
Oct 2, 2016 · 3 min read

Destination: Montana?

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What is the very first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? I don’t know if I’m in the majority or not, but the first thing I do is check my phone after a night without interruption. Specifically, the weather — temperature and humidity. As a runner that struggles with hyperhidrosis, these are two important numbers as I prepare to roll out for a morning run. Countless Dallas, Texas mornings have started off with humidity in the 70% range. Pair that with a predawn temperature of 78° in August (which was mild this year) and I’m completely soaked from head to toe after just four miles. Running uncomfortably is bullet point one of my pros and cons list of living in Dallas.

Anyone that knows me well knows I’ve considered moving back to Montana. I spent 15 months of my early 20s in Missoula and have nothing but fond memories, 9/11/01 excluded. This time around, I’m thinking Bozeman, Montana is the place. Other cities I’ve looked at are Kalispell and Helena. Logistical questions still remain, but the one question I’ve asked others that cannot be answered is “Why not?”

And so my due diligence continues. A prayerful, soul-searching quest for answers and truth. More to come.

Shake Shack: A Review from an Amateur

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Shake Shack: Dallas, TX (Star-Telegram)

My love affair for plain and dry hamburgers goes back to grade school. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve preferred my burgers with cheese only and a giant side of Heinz ketchup to dip it in.

My unorthodox and somewhat abhorred preference of burgers is probably frowned upon by world class chefs and the food critics that pile up thousands of words writing about them.

I inhale my burgers. And I don’t want to be a food critic or someone that’s looked on to form an opinion about a specific burger. Because that’s just not me. On a good week, I can average 3–4 burgers a week. On a bad (healthy) week, it’s a minimum of 1 burger. It’s been this way my entire adult life.

A good sign of a burger place might be the mood in the dining room. Think about the last time you sat down in a McDonald’s or Whataburger. What did you notice? I notice chaos — talking, kids screaming, frowns, hungry people trying to survive in some cases.

That wasn’t the case this weekend for my first experience at the new Dallas Shake Shack. It was a day I won’t soon forget with long-time pals, Cody, Dennis, and Kyle. The mood in the dining room was serious and very hush-hush. Serious people eating serious burgers. And they were good. And I inhaled mine, like my mother always chided me for as a kid.


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