Charisma Plus

I didn’t get too caught up in the Ken Bone virality after the debate last week, but I couldn’t help but catch this Bill Clinton interaction with Ken Bone after the debate. Notice how sincere and genuine Clinton comes across to a stranger by seeking him out and shaking his hand. My guess is that Ken Bone became a Bill Clinton fan for life and never felt better about himself than right there in that fleeting moment.

I think what Clinton has is a natural ability to connect with others and to make them feel good about themselves. It’s a gift and something that’s very difficult to train no matter how many times you try. Politicians, salesmen, and business professionals have used such gifts to their advantage forever.

Another guy that possesses this skill is Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. I remember seeing him at a Cowboys game roaming the field before a game shaking hands and posing for pictures. It was a game against the Carolina Panthers and their owner was down on the field also.

I watched the two billionaires stand at midfield engaged in what seemed like an intense conversation. What stood out to me was how close they were and that they never looked away from each other. Players were practicing all around them and balls were flying around, yet they never broke eye contact for a good five minutes. Jerry even put his hands on Richardson’s shoulders at one point.

It was just an observation, and love him or hate him, Jerry’s people skills and salesmanship is undeniable.

Some people like to call it the “it” factor. My grandpa called it “charisma plus.” He used to say, “he’s got charisma plus.”

Jerry Jones lets a fan try on his Super Bowl ring

Who Dak? That’s the headline?

Dak Prescott got his first Sports Illustrated cover this week as a professional and I was really let down by the headline. It sounds too much like the New Orleans Saints’ chant, “Who Dat.” There are so many other plays on words SI could have picked — QuarterDak, Dak Attack, Dak Again, etc.

Enjoy the week. Try to exercise a little self control like Rafa.