Sunday Morning Thoughts

A lot to wade through after our first freeze this morning in Texas. So many stories on politics, refugees, freedom, race, and all things controversial. It’s been a loud week. How’s everybody managing the noise out there?

I have two hot takes this morning:

Choosing the best QB of all time is very subjective.

It’s all relative to when we see them play. If you talk to old curmudgeons about who the greatest quarterback of all time is, you’ll hear a lot of Johnny Unitas, Otto Graham, and maybe even Roger Staubach talk.

There’s a lump of baby boomers that will insist it’s Joe Montana, John Elway, or Dan Marino. Even some homers claim it’s Troy Aikman.

Guys our age will forever debate Brady vs. Manning.

I think that when we are all in the twilight of our lives (age 70+), most of us will go to our grave insisting that it’s Brady or Manning. And I think it’s because they were great when we were great (our 20s and 30s) when our minds were sharpest.

The old guy in the room today still has an affinity for Johnny U. We’ll be that guy in 30 years or so, claiming boldly that it’s Brady who’s the best, not the next wave of great quarterbacks, regardless of their success.

What would Mark Cuban be doing right now were it not for Dirk?

I ponder this question as the Mavs get off to a very much unexpected good start this year (currently 3rd in the west). Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t receive near the attention or credit he deserves for his career in Dallas, but it really has been incredible.

And it’s almost over. He’ll retire and forever be a Mavs icon and history will be written. Then what? What happens to the Mavericks after Dirk? Will Cuban get it right?

Cuban inherited Dirk when he bought the team in 2000. The Mavs of the 2000s were fresh and fun and had a great run. Were it not for Dirk and that run, would Cuban even be in the league still or would he have already cashed-in on his investment? We’ll never know. But I fear for mediocre basketball when Dirk goes out to pasture.


Loooong story written about underground poker for the gamblers in the room.

The $10 billion tab: how college students are funding the athletics arms race

If you like reading about Tom Brady, you’ll like this.

Detailed account of a quarterback and his game plan.

Revisit that profile on Jeff Banister after he won AL Manager of the Year this past week.

My favorite read of the week was what it means to be “midwestern nice.”