Shoutout to the SportsCastr Community: STEVE THE CHEESE and THE FREEZER

We have a couple of themes for this installment of the “Shoutout”:

Intro music
Sports… PLUS!

Steve the Cheese and his BFF B Guav welcome their audience into their show with an energizing snippet of contemporary music. Their selections always fit their youthful, creative personalities and propel their live viewers into an hour-long smorgasbord of sports talk. Since they share encyclopedic knowledge base of everything NFL, NBA, boxing and beyond, each episode of Steve the Cheese presents a panoply of sports topics, each topic receiving a depth of coverage and conversation that will make you wonder why you would ever flip on a traditional survey-style program again. And thanks to their gregariousness and natural ease in front of a camera, each stream with Steve and B Guav is equal parts entertainment and information.

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The Freezer is one of the longest-running live streams on SportsCastr! Every week — without fail — the siblings Shaikin, Stacy and Carol, regale their viewers with deep dives into all things Calgary Flames. Off-season, mid-season or post-season, the C of Red can count on The Freezer to deliver a full run-down of all the goings on in the world of Calgary hockey. And, like Steve the Cheese, Stacy and Carol begin each broadcast by blasting Phish or the Dead, easing folks into what is always a relaxed but intensely detailed conversation about the siblings Shaikin’s beloved Calgary Flames. Oh, and for good measure, each ep comes complete with pop culture references and arguments from Seinfeld to Big Trouble in Little China.

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